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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kay's Diner 1930

Welcome to Kay's 1930's Diner!

Today's Blue Plate Special* of Meat & Three:
Sausage and eggs
Orange Slices

We are a Penny Restaurant** and proudly serve our meals for just 5¢ a plate!

Each blue plate is served on cheery red checked tablecloths.
Without flash

With Flash
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gunmetal, Essie Red Nouveau, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White

Red Checkered Tablecloths:
  • 2 coats Red Nouveau. Let Dry
  • Vertical and Horizontal lines with White Nail Art Pen. Let Dry.
  • Fill in every other square with White Nail Art Pen. Let Dry.
  •  Dab Tokyo Pearl over White Squares. Let Dry.
  •  Clear Top coat.

O.P.I. What's With The Cattitude?, Ogre The Top Blue

Blue Plates:

  • With medium size dotting tool, make dots with Ogre The Top Blue. Start in the center of nail with first dot, then apply dots all around to make a full, round shape. Let Dry.
  •  With White nail pen, and Gunmetal, (using a small dotting tool) make shading and open circles in plates to mimic depth.
  • Use What's With The Cattitude, Gunmetal, and dotting tool to make 5¢ on nails.

It's really hard to make something look 3-D when it's curved around a nail, and I'm not artistic.
The Fimo Slices that spurred this nail art. Sausages and Eggs Fimo Slices.

Fimo Slices:
  • Once everything is dry, apply clear top coat. 
  • Dab clear top coat on area for fimo slice. 
  • Dip dotter into dab on nail, then tap dotter onto fimo slice.
  • Place fimo slice on nail. Cover with clear top coat.
  • If Fimo curls, add more clear top coat and hold down with dotter or finger.

Without Flash
With Flash
Nails: Nailene Full Cover Nails Short Square

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Kay's Diner 1930, and return again soon!

Happy Halloween!

*Blue Plate Special~
  • A specially low-priced meal.
  • Menu usually changing daily.
  • typically consists of a "meat and three" (three vegetables)
  • Served on single plate (often a divided plate)
  • Term was very common from the 1920s through the 1950s (source Wikipedia)
**Penny Restaurant~ During 1930's
  •  were subsidized by social service organizations
  • For 5¢ it was possible to obtain a filling lunch (source  Food timeline. org)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kiss Halloween Nails "Firery"

These are probably the prettiest nails in the Kiss Limited Edition Halloween Nails.

They are named Firery.
 There are 24 nails of various sizes and a sheet of press-on tabs.

The nails vary in the rose and stem design.

Even though these are pretty on their own, I wanted to embellish them a little.
I put clear glitter over the nail beds, then pink glitter over that and the roses. 
On the black tips I added black glitter.
Cover Girl Ruby Dust, Sinful Colors Opal Glitter, Milani Charmed
I added a red heart rhinestone to the index finger

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TJ Maxx Finds

Over the weekend, I went shopping. I wanted to go to Trader Joe's which is about 10 miles from my house. So when I need to go there, (TIP: Frozen pork buns at Trader Joe's are TDF) I make other stops at other shops I don't get to often. One of them is TJ Maxx.

Sometimes I can find some super deals there. This past weekend, I found these:

The OPI: (Light blue) What's With the Cat? and Ogre The Top Blue. Both are from the Shrek Collection. What they are doing in a Happy Holidays box I don't know. But 2 OPIs for $7.99 is a bargain.

The other find is a wristlet from The Sak. It's part of the Sak Roots Collection. The exterior material is coated canvas. Online it is selling for $19. I found this at TJ Maxx for $9.99.

A few weeks ago, I found a tote of the same material but I didn't like the straps. They were just too short. But I love the print so I was very happy to find the wristlet.

What do you think of my finds? Do you own these two polishes? What about the cute wristlet? Do you carry a small bag, or large tote?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Mani

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

This is Barielle Polished Princess and Kiss Halloween Limited Edition stickers.

 Polished Princess is a "safari green with copper shimmers".
I used two coats for full opacity. After applying the stickers, I painted one top coat of Barielle Matte-inee.
Matte-inee (according to Barielle's website)

  • Dries with a matte finish that can be used by men or women

  • Dulls the high luster shine of color polish to provide a satin finish 

  • I added some clear glitter to the free edges but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.
    What do you think of Polished Princess? 

    Happy Halloween!

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Kiss Halloween Nails "Sultry"

    Earlier this week, I attended the Kiss Webinar. They featured their Halloween products--Press on nails, nails and face art stickers, nail art paint (with limited edition orange), 2 lip glosses and costume eyelashes.

    If you want to see some of the nails and stickers, *click here*
    and *click here*,
    *click here*
    and *click here*.

    I haven't picked up the eyelashes because I wear glasses and the lashes are exaggerated in length. But they look really fun. Kerri, the Kiss representative who applied them to her lash line gave this tip:

    After gluing the lashes with the accompanying lash glue, making sure to especially apply the glue to the corners of the lashes because they are heavier, place them on your lash line. Take the string out after applying the lashes, by grabbing the string and holding the corner. Use a "pinch, pull, pinch method" to secure the lashes in place.

    Here are the nails I put on today using the press-on tabs included in the package:

    One tip: Make sure your nails are clean and free of lotion or oils. Wiping them with a cotton pad of nail polish remover should do the trick. I forgot to do that and the nails came off with the tabs a couple of minutes after I put them on.

    Right before I went out today, I made this little video:

    Hope you all have a good weekend! Got any special plans?

    I'll be packing. Good times!

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Where have I been and What have I been up to?

    This week has been an unbelievable beast.

    At the beginning of the week, I had 2 days, maybe it was 3 of migraines. Along with the migraines came insomnia. Like I can't get to sleep before 7am insomnia.

    Well, I got the migraines taken car of, but the insomnia remains. I did get to sleep around 3:30am and I thought that was excellent because it was so "early." Ha-ha!

    Today was the first day I've gotten out of the house. I went to CVS and did two things I swore I wasn't going to do. I bought magazines (because I had a 20% off the total purchase coupon) and...

    I bought freakin' CRACKLE polish!

    This is what happens when you feel like your head's going to explode from pain and then the pain goes away. You are bonkers and do things you said you weren't doing.

    I said I wasn't going to buy any more magazines until after we move to California. That's not going to happen until the end of November. Now here I sit with 4 new magazines.

    I haven't gotten on the crackle polish bandwagon. It just didn't seem like something for me. But then I saw a really cool pirate nail art on youtube using crackle polish and I was intrigued.

    On the shelf at CVS there was a buy one get one half off tag for Sally Hansen Crackle polishes. When I went through the register, I had $3 CVS extra bucks back on my receipt and no 50% off. I had used a .50¢ off SH coupon too. The tag had expired 5 days ago and hadn't been removed. I guess with the $3 ECBs and .50¢ off coupon it was near enough half off. Next time I'll look more closely at their sale tags on the shelves. (*TIP-CVS will have Sally Hansens Buy One Get One Half Off starting Sunday)

    Last week, I ordered some Barielle during a 30% off and free shipping deal. (Did I mention I had put myself on a no polish buy. Yeah, that's working out well too!)

    Barielle Aura Angora, Cashmere or Loose Me, Polished Princess, Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Antiqued Gold, Ink Splatter

    I'll swatch these later, of course.

    And because I've too much time on my hands...

    Some screen shots from Aunt Marie's Trailer from the new show Grimm.
    Aunt Marie's Tin Can
    On the NBC website, Marie's Trailer is interactive. So I took some pics with my iphone.

    The Big Leather Book of Knowledge
    (Don't know if there's a name for it. I call it the book of spells, 
    knowledge, legends and what-nots required for all supernatural shows.)

    First Page. "G" for Grimm.
    Inside the book: Drawings and handwritten notes.

    Ok. I seriously LOVE handmade books like this. 
    One of the reasons I watched Charmed--just to see stuff like this.
    The inside of Aunt Marie's trailer is wicked cool. The ceiling has charts and maps decoupaged to it.
    I love the way this is decorated. The attention to detail is amazing!
    This is some place where I'd love to hang out.

     Apothecary chest with bottles on top
    What they've done inside of this trailer is a tribute to creativity and decorating genius.
    Makes me want to go out and buy a Coleman trailer, gut it and fix it up like this.

    Have you seen the ads for Grimm? If you follow it on twitter, you can see the full premiere with a secret link and code.  Grimm premiere's Oct 28. 

    Can't wait!

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    Essie Sew Psyched

    I picked up this Essie during a nail polish shopping spree in September.

    Essie describes this as "a cashmere-soft sage pewter."

     I applied 2 coats over Kiss Everlasting glue on nails. No base coat or top coat. It dried very fast between coats.

    I'm not, yanno, in love with this color on it's own. But I think it will be good for nail art.

    What do you think of Sew Psyched? Do you own it?

    What are your favorite Essie colors?

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Kiss Everlasting French Petites Review

    I have short nail beds, which makes wearing "real short, short, and medium" french tip nails difficult.

    I found these at Ulta a few months back. 

    That was the only place I saw them until recently. I've seen them at Target and CVS last month.

    It comes with glue, (that was dried up), a cuticle stick and nail file.

    I sized up the nails as best I could. My left hand seems to be more "petite" than my right hand.
    The pinky nail on my left hand is the size I normally use but in the petite it's too short and doesn't go past my finger like the other nails.

    My middle and ring finger on my right hand don't seem to fit as well as the others. I used the same size nails as I normally do for other lengths but they don't seem to be big enough for these 2 fingers.

    About an hour after I glued on the middle and ring fingernails, I see that they didn't hold completely at the cuticles' edges.

    Length--they are a really comfortable length for me to wear. I can type easily.
    Appearance--At a glance they look natural on my hands.

    One nail fits my nail bed but does not extend a little past my finger like the other nails.  The length is too short.
    Not enough medium sizes numbers to fit my right hand properly.

    I won't be buying these again. I think I'm better off buying larger/longer lengths and cutting them down so I have a proper fit width-wise across my nails. 

    Have you tried these petite sizes?
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