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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TJ Maxx Finds

Over the weekend, I went shopping. I wanted to go to Trader Joe's which is about 10 miles from my house. So when I need to go there, (TIP: Frozen pork buns at Trader Joe's are TDF) I make other stops at other shops I don't get to often. One of them is TJ Maxx.

Sometimes I can find some super deals there. This past weekend, I found these:

The OPI: (Light blue) What's With the Cat? and Ogre The Top Blue. Both are from the Shrek Collection. What they are doing in a Happy Holidays box I don't know. But 2 OPIs for $7.99 is a bargain.

The other find is a wristlet from The Sak. It's part of the Sak Roots Collection. The exterior material is coated canvas. Online it is selling for $19. I found this at TJ Maxx for $9.99.

A few weeks ago, I found a tote of the same material but I didn't like the straps. They were just too short. But I love the print so I was very happy to find the wristlet.

What do you think of my finds? Do you own these two polishes? What about the cute wristlet? Do you carry a small bag, or large tote?


Olivia C. said...

Great polishes & cute wristlet! And they're really great deals. :)

Kay said...

Thanks Olivia for your comments. I really lucked out this time.

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