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Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Mani

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

This is Barielle Polished Princess and Kiss Halloween Limited Edition stickers.

 Polished Princess is a "safari green with copper shimmers".
I used two coats for full opacity. After applying the stickers, I painted one top coat of Barielle Matte-inee.
Matte-inee (according to Barielle's website)

  • Dries with a matte finish that can be used by men or women

  • Dulls the high luster shine of color polish to provide a satin finish 

  • I added some clear glitter to the free edges but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.
    What do you think of Polished Princess? 

    Happy Halloween!


    thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

    I love Polished Princess,it's just a perfect green to me!And I love the stickers too!

    Olivia C. said...

    Cute cute cute! I love Polished Princess!

    Kay said...

    Thalie-Thanks! I think it's a perfect green too!

    Olivia-I love Polish Princess. Very happy with the color.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

    Anastacia said...

    OMG! This looks just amazing!

    Kay said...

    Thanks Anastacia!

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