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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kiss Halloween Nails "Sultry"

Earlier this week, I attended the Kiss Webinar. They featured their Halloween products--Press on nails, nails and face art stickers, nail art paint (with limited edition orange), 2 lip glosses and costume eyelashes.

If you want to see some of the nails and stickers, *click here*
and *click here*,
*click here*
and *click here*.

I haven't picked up the eyelashes because I wear glasses and the lashes are exaggerated in length. But they look really fun. Kerri, the Kiss representative who applied them to her lash line gave this tip:

After gluing the lashes with the accompanying lash glue, making sure to especially apply the glue to the corners of the lashes because they are heavier, place them on your lash line. Take the string out after applying the lashes, by grabbing the string and holding the corner. Use a "pinch, pull, pinch method" to secure the lashes in place.

Here are the nails I put on today using the press-on tabs included in the package:

One tip: Make sure your nails are clean and free of lotion or oils. Wiping them with a cotton pad of nail polish remover should do the trick. I forgot to do that and the nails came off with the tabs a couple of minutes after I put them on.

Right before I went out today, I made this little video:

Hope you all have a good weekend! Got any special plans?

I'll be packing. Good times!

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