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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kay's Diner 1930

Welcome to Kay's 1930's Diner!

Today's Blue Plate Special* of Meat & Three:
Sausage and eggs
Orange Slices

We are a Penny Restaurant** and proudly serve our meals for just 5¢ a plate!

Each blue plate is served on cheery red checked tablecloths.
Without flash

With Flash
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gunmetal, Essie Red Nouveau, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White

Red Checkered Tablecloths:
  • 2 coats Red Nouveau. Let Dry
  • Vertical and Horizontal lines with White Nail Art Pen. Let Dry.
  • Fill in every other square with White Nail Art Pen. Let Dry.
  •  Dab Tokyo Pearl over White Squares. Let Dry.
  •  Clear Top coat.

O.P.I. What's With The Cattitude?, Ogre The Top Blue

Blue Plates:

  • With medium size dotting tool, make dots with Ogre The Top Blue. Start in the center of nail with first dot, then apply dots all around to make a full, round shape. Let Dry.
  •  With White nail pen, and Gunmetal, (using a small dotting tool) make shading and open circles in plates to mimic depth.
  • Use What's With The Cattitude, Gunmetal, and dotting tool to make 5¢ on nails.

It's really hard to make something look 3-D when it's curved around a nail, and I'm not artistic.
The Fimo Slices that spurred this nail art. Sausages and Eggs Fimo Slices.

Fimo Slices:
  • Once everything is dry, apply clear top coat. 
  • Dab clear top coat on area for fimo slice. 
  • Dip dotter into dab on nail, then tap dotter onto fimo slice.
  • Place fimo slice on nail. Cover with clear top coat.
  • If Fimo curls, add more clear top coat and hold down with dotter or finger.

Without Flash
With Flash
Nails: Nailene Full Cover Nails Short Square

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Kay's Diner 1930, and return again soon!

Happy Halloween!

*Blue Plate Special~
  • A specially low-priced meal.
  • Menu usually changing daily.
  • typically consists of a "meat and three" (three vegetables)
  • Served on single plate (often a divided plate)
  • Term was very common from the 1920s through the 1950s (source Wikipedia)
**Penny Restaurant~ During 1930's
  •  were subsidized by social service organizations
  • For 5¢ it was possible to obtain a filling lunch (source  Food timeline. org)


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

You're not artistic,lol! I love this design!It's so fun looking!

Olivia C. said...

I love your posts & your designs! :) This was just too cute!

Kay said...

Thalie-Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!
Olivia-Thank you!-I had a lot of fun with this nail art.

Thanks for stopping by to comment ladies!

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