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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kiss Everlasting French Petites Review

I have short nail beds, which makes wearing "real short, short, and medium" french tip nails difficult.

I found these at Ulta a few months back. 

That was the only place I saw them until recently. I've seen them at Target and CVS last month.

It comes with glue, (that was dried up), a cuticle stick and nail file.

I sized up the nails as best I could. My left hand seems to be more "petite" than my right hand.
The pinky nail on my left hand is the size I normally use but in the petite it's too short and doesn't go past my finger like the other nails.

My middle and ring finger on my right hand don't seem to fit as well as the others. I used the same size nails as I normally do for other lengths but they don't seem to be big enough for these 2 fingers.

About an hour after I glued on the middle and ring fingernails, I see that they didn't hold completely at the cuticles' edges.

Length--they are a really comfortable length for me to wear. I can type easily.
Appearance--At a glance they look natural on my hands.

One nail fits my nail bed but does not extend a little past my finger like the other nails.  The length is too short.
Not enough medium sizes numbers to fit my right hand properly.

I won't be buying these again. I think I'm better off buying larger/longer lengths and cutting them down so I have a proper fit width-wise across my nails. 

Have you tried these petite sizes?


Olivia C. said...

They do look really good!

Kay said...

Thanks Olivia!

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