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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Revlon Color Allure Glue On Nails Review

Quietly wearing my unadorned (=non-3-D nail art) nails since last Wednesday.

I've wanted to try out Revlon's glue on nails ever since I saw them. However, their $9 (more or less) price point stopped me.  But then CVS spit out a coupon for me during a BOGO 1/2 off sale, and I knew it was time to break open the piggy bank on these.

This is one of my deconstructed nail boxes, ready to move to California. *Click here* for the back story.
  • 24 nails in a box
  • Vintage Velvet nail color
  • Medium Length
  • Glue, nail file, and cuticle pusher included
  • 7-10 Day Wear
After removing my cuticles, washing my hands, and rubbing each natural nail with nail polish remover to remove any soap or natural oils remaining:

  • I sorted the nails according to size for each finger. Starting with my pinkie nail, I glued on the nails. For my thumbs, I trimmed the cuticle edge with scissors so they would lie more flush to my straight cuticle edge.
  • Theoretically these should be easier to glue on than french tip nails because the threat of seeing air bubbles is not there.
  • However, if you get glue on your fingers and then try to apply the nails, you'll get glue on the color and flub it up, like I did.
  • I used pink gel glue I have, not the glue that came with the nails. I feel most of these glues are the same anyway, and it's what I had nearest to me.
  • Not really necessary but I applied a clear top coat over the nails and free edges.
  • These are medium length. Compared to Kiss or Broadway nails though, I feel these are shorter than medium length. I have short nail beds, and Revlon fits me like Kiss' short length. If you have longer nail beds than I do, these may appear as short length on you. (To Explain: Because my nail beds are short, standard press-on/glue-on nail sizes are longer on me. "Real Short Length" is a short length on me. "Short Length" is more of a medium length on me. "Medium Length" is actually long on me.)
  • After 6 days wear: I can feel a little bit of lift on the cuticle edge of some my right hand nails, but none on my left. 
  • The color is really dark and pretty. The surface stays shiny. 
  • BONUS: These did not bleed like the Fingr's brand of color nails I tried. Those bled as I was gluing them on. Truly weird!

 The next morning after I applied the nails, we went to Sandia Peak. My husband's mother's ashes are up there, and he wanted to visit one more time before we moved. We were in Bear Country. There were warning signs all around. Not many people were around on that Thursday, and honestly, I was really scared. I'm a city girl.

The cold really affected my hands and nails. I could feel pressure or a pull on my nails and they ached some. Maybe it was a combo of cold and almost 6,000 more feet above sea level I was experiencing. When I got home that night, one of the thumb nails was loose. I simply reglued it.

Here's how the nails look today, Day 6. There is some tip wear.

I thought I would decorate them or paint them or do something to embellish them, but I never did. I really like them the way they are.

Are these worth $9 a box? Possibly. I would buy these and wear them again.

Have you tried Revlon Color Allure nails?


Olivia C. said...

Great review! I love how detailed your reviews are. I really like the color of these! Perfect for this time of the year. :)

Kay said...

Thanks Olivia! I like this color too.

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I have seen these at CVS and wondered what they might be like.They are a pretty color!

Kay said...

Hi Thalie--They are a lovely shade and durable. I think they stand up to other brands. Thanks for stopping by!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Did I tell you you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award? Here it is Kay http://glazedtalons.blogspot.com/2011/11/versatile-blogger-award-who-me.html

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