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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today, I'm wearing nails I painted back in August. *Click Here*
They're based on Robin Moses Nail Art.

I brought these nails along with many of the other nails I own in the car when we moved.  I used Kiss Everlasting Real Short Length. They are the ones that look like gel nails. #5424B/EFS01
Here's a pic

 The old box had "Salon UV Gel Effect" but now it doesn't 
so I have to go by the numbers to get the pink gel nail base.
I put the ones I have in this empty Kiss blank nails box.

Yesterday, I went to TJ Maxx and even though I don't need any more nail polish I succumbed and bought this:
Your Hut or Mine, Fair Game, Da Bush, Lion Around

Da Bush, and Lion Around

Your Hut or Mine, and Fair Game
Probably strange to show the bottles without swatching the colors. 
I'll get to that one day...once we're out of this hotel and settled.

I've been so stressed by this move, and buying a home, I've reverted back to stripping the bark off my nails. They're just sub-nubs now.  I'm carrying a matching set of black luggage under my eyes.  We're hoping the ordeal will be over soon. My husband and I are just wrecked.
But when I put on some nails, ahhh...I feel so much better. This length is really comfortable for me, and gives me a feeling a being pulled together. Does that make sense?
(Also, the glue on nails keep my hands out of my mouth. :x)

I want to say thank you and welcome to my new subscribers!

Time to go make lunch. Take care and I'll see you soon!

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