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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daisy French Tips

 (This post was scheduled while I am away)

A little while ago, I posted my Robyn Moses inspired Daisies nail art. I really loved how they turned out, but those nails are medium length, and sometimes, I have trouble doing things with such long nails. I wanted to see how the daisies would look on real short length nails as a french tip manicure.



Confetti Silver Slippers, Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, China Glaze Swing Baby, Wet n Wild The Wonder Yellows, Kiss Nail Art Paint White, Piggy Polish Mystic

I used the same techniques and polishes as before with one change. I subbed China Glaze Jitterbug for the the Confetti Silver Slippers.
China Glaze:

  • With Lavender Cloud, I filled in the curves on the french tips.
  • After that dried I painted 2 coats of Jitterbug
  • Once that was dry, I painted the daisies with Lavender Cloud.
  • While the daisies were drying, I added the centers with Swing Baby, using the larger dotter.
  • I went over the tips of the daisies with the white nail paint, using the small brush.
  • With the smaller dotter I dabbed The Wonder Yellows over the Swing Baby.
  • When everything was dry, top coat each nail entirely.
This was another one that was hard to photograph.

I really liked how they turned out.
(And I wore them *click here*)

What are your impressions of this nail art?

Update: Here is a pic of me wearing the nails.


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Just as pretty as your original interpretation,and I would imagine more wearable for you.

Olivia C. said...

They looks just as great as the medium length nails! I just loved the daises, very summery and girly. :)

Kay said...

thalie and Olivia, you are both so sweet! I am looking forward to wearing these now that I'm back from vacation.

Thanks for your comments!

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