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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have many left over gigantic thumb nails from my boxes of drug store glue on nails. So today I decided to do some experiments with different polishes.

First up-Watermelon manis

With flash

Natural light
I didn't use anything, on the left like a white base undercoat. The green I have is too light. I had to apply 3 coats. On the right, I used black under coat and then green. Over the red I used a ruby glitter polish, and over the green, a greenish glitter. The little watermelon slice is a fruit piece, not fimo. It disappeared when I put it on the green section, so I dabbed it with some orangey-red nail art paint. I think if I do use the fruit pieces they'll have to go on the clear section, or I'll use fimo fruit.

 This one is an experiment in a Moroccan-like design. 2 coats of polish each with corresponding glitter polishes. Gold, navy and black nail art paints.

This was frustrating. I wanted to try out some of the nail art polishes I have to make a design. And I hated it. So I put a blue glitter polish over it all and then it got kind of interesting to me. I almost like it.
 That's right. I haven't given up on painting sand castles. This one started with a white base in the sky area, and gold glitter on the base. I used a turquoise blue on the sky. One coat. And when I saw the white peaking out, I decided to try again for a sand castle.
Here are my first feeble attempts at sand castles, lest anyone forgot. What do you think? Am I getting any better at it? 

Now here are 2 nails with exactly the same nail polishes. Only their base coats are different. The one on the left has a white base coat. The one on the left has a black base coat. Amazing how the neon green on the left changes with the black base, isn't it?

I finished off the left nail with a gold glitter and then navy nail art paint to define the different color blocks.

And with the right one, I'm back to seeing a watermelon design. And I really like this one because it's slightly abstract and the greens look nice. I used corresponding glitter polishes and the black nail art paint for the seeds.

What do you think of my experiments? Any stand out to you?

Hope you're having a good week. Thanks for stopping by!


Olivia C. said...

Wow! I like all of these! I think the little watermelons are so cute. And very summery. :)

Kay said...

Aw thanks Olivia!

thalie said...

I like the watermelons too! I cannot do free-hand nail art.My hands are shaky. Too much caffeine. I like these little nails with the tabs on them.

Kay said...

The tabs do make some painting easier. I've had times were my hands are too shaky to paint too. Thanks for stopping by Thalie!

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