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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gold Finger Review

(This review was scheduled while I'm away)

Have you heard of this brand of glue on nails?

I ordered some of these decorated full cover nails from Beauty Online Supply last year. From what I understand, Kiss owns this company. BOS sells Kiss, Broadway and Gold Finger glue on nails. Their prices are the lowest I've seen too.

These nails are long in length. 
Nail sized for index fingernail

Here I've got a Kiss nail in short length next to the Gold Finger for comparison.

These nails have a curve to them.
Now when I ordered these, I knew they were long, but had no idea they were curved. I ordered them because I liked the color and the decoration. Last year, I didn't even consider trying to make this design on my own glue on nails.

When I got these, and saw how long they were, and with the curve, I had to do something to them to be able to wear them.

These pictures were taken last year with my old phone. The quality's not the best.
I cut down the cuticle edge and free edge at the tip, but they were still quite long on me.

Because I'd cut so much off the bottom of the nails, (in an attempt to keep as much of the design as possible) the flatter part that lays on top of the natural nail was gone, and I didn't use enough glue to fill the void. They pinched my nails as well. After about 3 days, they started to lift.

The nail design is really pretty. And I'm sure there are women who want these long length nails with a curve, but they are not for me.

Have you tried Gold Finger full cover nails?


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I haven't ever heard of these,and didn't know that they're made by Kiss. They're not sold anywhere around me. I like them.Especially that they're curved.So pretty. I am assuming you bought these online?

Olivia C. said...

I've never seen or heard of these! The design is pretty, but that curve is ridiculous! I definitely wouldn't be able to wear that, it looks like it would hurt. :(

Kay said...

Hi thalie! I ordered these from Beauty Online Supply dot com. The design is pretty and the curve is fierce and would look great on the right lady.

Hello Olivia! I was sad these didn't work out for me.

Thanks for stopping by ladies! Good to see your comments. :D

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