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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sandcastles 1: My give up!

I've been trying to create sandcastles on nails for the better part of the afternoon. I also tried to make nail stickers but we won't go there right now.

First and foremost, I'm not an artist. I can barely draw. But I want sandcastles, dernit!

I'm worn out. I used different shades of beige nail polishes, Kiss Nail Art Paints, LA Colors in orange, and LA Colors Art Deco, Wet n Wild nail pail. You've seen them all on my blog before. I also used gold glitter, pink glitter, and green glitter nail polishes.
Here's my first attempt. The sand part of the castle is too dark. The black lines are too thick. My daughter said the flag above looks like a leaf. Hurray! I made a leaf! Too much gold glitter over everything. It's also painted upside down. I screwed up and all of them are supposed to be with the castle on the nail edge, so that to the wearer, it's upside down. Oh well...

Second attempt. My daughter also said it would be better with some sky rather than all tan/beige. So I blended 3 orange colors. She said it was too much orange. Maybe just a slice of orange would be better. She did like the color of the sand in the castle better. And the flag now looks like a flag rather than a leaf. (Pale pink glitter over the orange sky and gold over the castle)
Third attempt. The sand color is better. The black detailing is thinner and more. The sky--it's getting there. The flag's not too bad. I think if I had a different shade of brown or something for the castle details it would be better. (Pale pink glitter over the sky, and just a few dabs of gold glitter over the castle)

What do you think? Should I just give up?

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