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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sandcastles 2 ~ Electric Boogaloo!

Ok. I didn't give up. If you read this yesterday, you saw my attempt at painting sandcastles on my glue on nail blanks. Bless and blast you Robin Moses for putting that desire in my heart for painted sandcastles on my nails!

So with fresh eyes today, I approached this project again.

Ok. I think I can live with this. Less is more, so to speak. Instead of trying to define all the sandbricks, I thought just an outline was enough.

I also finished the outline.
I like the filled outline on the nail but it might look better without when I put the nails on. We'll see...

Products list in order of use:

  1. Base- One Coat- 3/4 from tip to cuticle line- Revlon Gold Coin. Let dry.
  2. Skyswipe-One Coat-LA Colors Orange. Let dry.
  3. Castle-One to 2-ish Coats-LA Colors-Bronze (no name on bottle). Let dry.
  4. Sky- Sponge-Wet n Wild Shine Sunny Side Up. Let dry.
  5. Castle Door-One Coat-Rimmel Steel Gray
  6. Sky-One Swipe top left corner-LA Colors Art Deco Paint Bright Orange
  7. Castle Outline and Flag-Kiss Nail Art Paint Black
  8. Flag-One Dab-Wet n Wild Teal or No Teal
  9. Castle-One Dabbing-Confetti Pink Confetti
  10. Sky-Dab-Cover Girl Gold Rush glitter
  11. Flag-Dab-Color Zone teal blue glitter
What do you think? Does it remind you of a sandcastle? Should I leave the total outline or just the topline in black?

If you'd like to see the inspiration for this idea, check out Robin Moses' Sandcastles on youtube.

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