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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nail Polish Collection and Storage

My nail polish collection was taking up too much space in the bathroom I share with my husband. He didn't mind it, but it was driving me crazy. I took all the polishes out, and will store them in my craft room. While I was moving everything, I figured it would be a good time to chronicle what I have.
Well, here's everything laid out on my craft table.
These are the Sephora, OPI for Sephora, Nicole for OPI, China Glazes, Essie, Ulta, Barielle polishes.
There are some Sally Hansen polish pens too. I didn't pay full price for any of them. The Essie was free when I signed up for something on Facebook.
Cover Girl glitters
I just love this brand, Confetti. It's exclusive to CVS I believe. If you google Confetti you'll read they were involved in a lawsuit. I haven't seen any new colors on the rack at my local CVS. They are just $1.99/pc. I usually pick up another color every time I go in. 
LA Colors: Some I found for $1 at the Dollar Store. A set of 7 I found at Marshalls for $5.99. Better than the Dollar Store!
Bought these at ULTA in the clearance section and sale rack.

Sinful Colors from Walgreens

.69¢ sale Wet N Wild Shines from Walgreens

Wet n Wild Nail Pail colors (used CVS coupon on it)

Wet n Wild Craze (bought on clearance at Albertsons)
$1 at Dollar Tree and Big Lots
This was my first nail storage box. Scented drawer paper liners come in this box. I got it at Crabtree and Evelyn. I really liked it because it's narrow and fit on the ledge in the bathroom. I outgrew it though, and now I only use it for polishes that are separating. The only con about this other than size, was the fact I couldn't readily see the colors when I wanted to paint my nails.

I sort my polishes by color group, and then size. I still needed something narrow to fit on the ledge in the bathroom. One day at Big Lots, I found these small, clear Ball plastic food containers. I bought 3 thinking it would be enough. Yeah, right!
I eventually bought another container at a different Big Lots. It's not the same height. I store the very short bottles in there along with the nail pens.

I can quickly see what I need to grab.

But I have more polishes. Right now, I'm using the Wet n Wild Nail Pail colors a lot. So they live inside the pail. I didn't remove the cardboard insert inside so the polishes are very easy to reach.
Poilsh paints, glitters and polish remover in this box
This is where the polishes live now. It is not a huge collection compared to some, but it works for me. As soon as my daughter takes those books behind them to the Goodwill, I'll put my boxes of artificial nails behind them.  But that's for another day, and another blog post.

If you want to know the name of any of the colors, just ask.
How big is your collection? How do you store it? Are you happy with your polish storage solution?

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