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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Victorian Moulin Rouge Nail Art

This is another Robin Moses inspired nail art. To see her work on youtube search for "robin moses nail art: victorian steampunk goth design tutorial industrial".
Thumbs in the center, and ring fingers decorated.

When I saw her black and white stripe painted french tip nails, I was smitten.

Instead of starting with blank/unpainted glue on nails, I used these.
Now if you have white french tip nails, you could paint the black for the lines.
The kit comes with some nails with a silver floral design and some are just black french tips. I sorted them out so that I'll have a complete set of plain black french tips, and one set of floral design. The rest I'll save for something else. 2 sets of nails for $5.99 or about $3.00 a set. Not bad at all!
I placed them on my nail painting platform, and turned them so the black french tip is facing me.
The kit comes with this:
I'll use the orange cuticle stick and tweezers later to maneuver the stickers.
Applying stickers to one nail at a time:
After freehanding painting the white stripes with Kiss Nail Art Paint, and letting it dry, I added some Cover Girl gold dust glitter nail polish right above the smile line. Before that dried I applied some lace, to simulate a curtain dropping.
I used one lace strip plus 3 more humps on the other strip on the 4 nails.

After cutting off a bit of lace sticker, I used tweezers to remove the sticker and placed it over the wet gold glitter, positioning it into place with the tweezers and the orange stick.
If it curls up, use clear polish and the tweezers or orange stick to push it back down. If it still curls, lightly press with your fingers.
I used the double darker flowers for each ring finger, and one double dark flowers and one lighter pink flowers for the thumbs. In the center of the thumbs, between the flowers, I placed a flower with rhinestone.

When the lace is in position, dab some clear polish a little above and with tweezers place the flowers on and above the lace. Follow the same process of adding more clear polish and pushing them gently back down if they curl up. Be very careful though because the stickers will tend to tear as they are so wet with polish. Work them gingerly.

Keep checking, pressing, and applying clear polish if the stickers curl. Let all the polish dry completely, and add a coat of fast drying top coat, letting that dry, before applying nails.

How do they look? Do you like them? Have you tried something similar?

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