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Saturday, June 11, 2011

CVS 75% off and TJ Maxx Bargains!

Yesterday and today, I went shopping. I had to take a top back to TJ Maxx, and while I was there, I looked around.
I found this:

 My very favorite hand and foot scrubs and lotions!
 I bought this gift box before some time back and fell in love with the hand scrub and foot scrub.
 Yesterday I found it on the clearance shelf and snatched it up. H2o is a wonderful brand that I first used at a Walt Disney World Resort. It's shower gel is on sale quite often at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
We were going through the check out and I spotted this:
No name LA Colors Glitters
Yes, more nail polishes. Just when I thought I had enough! Ha! But these are glitter polishes from L.A. Colors. Cost $6.99 or $1/pc. I really like the bronze glitter and the blue...and, well...all of them!

Today I stopped in at CVS. I haven't been there in weeks and they missed me and sent me a 20% off coupon in my email.
I'd read on Nouveau Cheap about the CVS 75% cosmetics sale but really wasn't in the mood to shop. I mean, not at all. Not even grocery shopping. I'm just so burnt out on all of it. But I needed some things and the 20% coupon lured me in, because the stuff I needed doesn't have coupons.
I can't resist looking around the cosmetics in CVS.

I picked up 2 more Confetti colors, love that brand! And found some 75% off nail polishes.
Confetti 073 Purple Pizzazz and 089 Beach Dancing (a pearly pink/peach in person), Milani Nail Art 701 Art of Gold, and 709 Green Sketch
 These were 20% off with the coupon. I thought the Milani nail paints were buy one get one 1/2 off, but it didn't come off my receipt that way. And honestly, I still had grocery shopping to do, and I was too tired already to go back and fight for about $1. I got 20% off for them, so I'm satisfied.

After everything was rung up, the 20% coupon took off $9.20 for these things and a magazine. I was very happy.
Sally Hansen L-R: 710 Lavender Cloud, 420 Yellow Kitty, 03 Pixel Pretty, 05 Lite, 02 BLU
These polishes weren't eligible for additional 20% off but that's fine. They're 75% off!

I got back $1 CVS ECB for my green bag tag, and $5 CVS ECB for reaching $50 in beauty buys.

Have you gone to CVS lately? Did you find any good clearance bargains? 
Please let me know!


Olivia C. said...

You can never have too many bottles of nail polish! Great finds & you have a cute blog! :)

Kay said...

Thanks so much Olivia! You made my day! :D

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