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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fake/Artificial Nail Painting Platform ~ NSSNS

Or as I like to call it: "Nonsticky Sticky Nonsticky" NSSNS. I saw a youtube video of a girl making this. She said, "So that's non-sticky, sticky, non-sticky," and it sort of, well, stuck.
Fake Nail Painting Platform or NSSNS

She used a bigger box on the video but I found this lid to something I bought at Starbucks, and thought it'd do the trick.

 I've posted pictures of NSSNS all covered in nail polish and just a mess. I can get about 3 or 4 uses out of the painting platform before I have to change the tape.
I use duck/duct tape. It's white because that's what I had laying around. I pull the old tape off the box and begin again.
Cut a strip of duck tape a little bigger than the lid so it can wrap around the sides to the inside.
Turn the tape a little on the end edge and secure to the inner side of the lid.
Sticky center 
Take same length of tape and tear down the center.
Place straight edges and sticky sides of tape strip to the middle sticky tape.
Fold side tapes down and under to secure the middle sticky tape that is face up.
Nonsticky Sticky Nonsticky!

This makes it so easy for me to paint the glue on/fake nails. I line them up according to finger size.  The nails are touching the sticky surface at the side edges and do not become totally stuck. However there is just the right amount of stickiness to keep the nail from wiggling around when painting and polishing.
Once the nails are painted or have stickers on them, I can tilt them on their back ends so they don't accidentally become glued by the polish to the duck tape. That way, they can totally dry before wearing.

How do you paint your artificial nails? Are you ambidextrous and able to paint your nails with both hands? What do you use while holding your false nails for painting?


Deidre Turnbo said...

Thank you! I was wondering how I could decorate my fake nails without having to hold them or risk them moving when I tried to paint them.

MamaHunfy said...

I love this idea! When you say 'put them on their back ends' (once painted/decorated) do you mean tilt them so only one end is touching the duct tape?


Kay said...

Yes, MamaHunfy that's what I mean. Thanks for stopping by.

Juanita Delacruz said...

You made my day! I can do nothing with my left hand. I even screw up my left eye makeup. Pre-painting nails and THEN applying totally works for me!

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