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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunshine and Fruit

I'm going to be away from Blogger for a few days. I've got some posts lined up for while I'm gone. In the mean time, I wanted to show you the nails I'm wearing...
Here's the blog post where I put it all together.

 I really love how they turned out!

Take care and see you all again soon!


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

How do you get the fimo slices to stay on? I am working on my nail art tonight,and the fimo slices I am using are being a pain in the butt! I used top coat,but they won't stick to it.

Kay said...

What I do is put a dab of clear polish on the nail where I will place the fimo slice, dip the dotter into the dab, and place the dotter on the fruit. Then I cover the fruit with more clear top coat. Sometimes they will start to curl. I'll go back with the dotter or a manicure stick and press it back down until it stops curling.

Sometimes I have to press it with my finger to get it to stay down. The next day, if it has curled, I'll put some nail glue under it and press it down again with a manicure stick.

That's another option. You can use a dab of nail glue and put the fimo slice on the nail and push it down with a manicure stick. Then cover it with clear top coat.

Kay said...

I meant to say: dip the dotter in the dab, place the dotter on the fruit, and then place the fruit on the nail. Then cover with clear top coat.

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