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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Red Flowers-Just a Little Bling

I've got so many irons in the fire, my brain feels like it's going to 'splode.  Check out my other blog, if you wanna know why. I decided to take a break and do some nail art.

Now that I got my nail dotters, I've been wanting to try to make flowers.

Nails I used:
These are short length. Not real short. So of course, they're longer on me. They are not as long as medium length on me, but somewhere in between. The nails come with glue and manicure stick. I'm not sure I'll have enough for another mani after this one, because the nails that remain are either a little too big or too small. 
They are Featherlight, which according to Kiss means they take 30% less time to remove with the All in One remover. Who times this stuff?

 The short length does not come with tabs to hold the nail in place while gluing.

I used my nail painting platform to do this nail art.

Polishes and Rhinestones:
Confett: Pink Confetti (a light glitter), The Red Carpet, Milani Nail Art Brush Green Stretch, Kiss Nail Art Paint Deep Purple, Rhinestones

  • I used my medium size dotter to make five dots with The Red Carpet on the nails. I took a manicure stick (could use a toothpick but I was too lazy to go to the kitchen) and drag the red dots to the middle to make the flower.
  • Next, I painted stems with Green Stretch, adding preschooler leaves. (I seriously can't draw).
  • When that was dry, I used Deep Purple for shading and definition on the stems and leaves.

On the flowers, I dabbed a little Pink Confetti glitter. While it was still wet, I placed rhinestones in the center of the flowers. I used diamond-like rhinestones on 4 nails, lavender rhinestones on 4 nails, and sapphire rhinestones on the first fingers. Once it all dried, I added clear topcoat to each nail.
Click on pic to enlarge details

I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. It's simple and restrained for me. LOL No glitter bombs or dozens of glued on embellisments.
Just a little bling.


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

You've been on a roll lately,alright! I haven't tried the Featherlight nails yet. Timing for me: the All or One says it takes longer to remove than it actually does. Mine usually take less than 10 minutes,and that's after I've cut off as much above my nail line, that way I am supposed to get more usage from the little round tub. Although lately the liquid inside is starting to look a little milky,so I am thinking it's time to get a new container.

Olivia C. said...

Such cute little flowers! :)

Kay said...

thalie-I asked at the Kiss Webinar if the container could be refilled with pure acetone and they told me it could. Just something to consider if you'd rather re-use the container.


I appreciate both of you stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave comments :D

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