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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fruit Salad

It just feels like summer is winding down. Do you feel it too?

I doubt I'll be using much fimo fruit in the winter, so I want to enjoy summer nail art while I can.

First she hates the heat, then she wants to enjoy the stuff of summer. 
When will she make up her melon???

This was going to be yellow french tips with fimo fruit.
As you can see, it's not so much yellow because...
Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty
These puppies practically glow in the dark!

These are Nailene french tip for flat nails. They are medium in length. Yes, I know. I've been trying to not get medium length. But these were on sale, and with my coupon, they were $3.99 or something lower, that I couldn't pass up. I like flat arch nails because they fit my natural nails better.

The kit comes with glue, a plastic manicure stick, and nail file. 
For comparison, Nailene's file and manicure stick on the left, Kiss manicure stick and file on right.

Pic to show that these nails are flat arches compared to...
Regular arched nails (from Kiss)

LA Colors Black Velvet, Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, LA Colors turquoise glitter, Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty, Wet n Wild Teal or No Teal, Cover Girl Ruby Dust, Confetti Tiara

  • I squared off the rounded white french tips with Lavender Cloud.
  • I painted Ruby dust under the french tips on the body of the nails.
  • Then I painted Yellow Kitty over the dried Lavender Cloud.
  • When that was dry, I sponged Pixel Pretty over Yellow Kitty, 2 times. 
  • Then I sponged Teal or No Teal on the tips. 
  • Over Teal or No Teal, I lightly dabbed the LA Colors teal/turquoise glitter.
  • Tiara went lightly over the middle section on the Pixel Pretty.
  • I added the fruit and one or two rhinestones.
  • When it was dry, I dotted Black Velvet around the fruits and down the nail's body. 
  • Clear topcoat over everything once the dots were dry.

Click on pic to enlarge

And now I'm craving my mother's fruit salad. For special occasions, she'd hollow out a watermelon, cutting a handle into the top. Then she'd use her melon baller and scoop out all the different fruits to put in the basket. 



thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Oh how cute is that! Love these fruit salads! Yes, I too prefer the flat arches too,they feel more comfy to me!

Olivia C. said...

They turned out so cute! It makes me want fruit salad!

Kay said...

Thanks ladies for your comments! Some real fruit salad right now would be great. :D

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