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Monday, August 1, 2011

Flowers and Pearls

Has this ever happened to you? You see something in the store that might not be the perfect fit for you, but you can't pass it up? And you figure once you get it home, you'll figure out a way to make it your own?

This happened to me recently.
I saw this package of pretty floral french tips, and I just couldn't resist. 

It's one of the new Kiss Everlasting French Tips with accent designs. Not all of the nails have the floral design. And not every nail has the same design. Some of the nails have 2 flowers, while others have just one. There are plain white french tip nails inside as well.

These nails are medium in length. The  unadorned french tips definitely do not cover the ends of my short fingernails' edges. But I want to wear them!

So I had to come up with a solution.
The floral designs disguises my natural nails short comings.

I took the pink pearls from this wheel and did this:
To the thumbs and pinky nails I added pretty pearls.

I think the pearls coordinate well with the floral designs.

Do you agree?


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Pearls are my favorite jewelry item. This French design is so sophisticated,and classy! The pearls take it up a notch or two!

Olivia C. said...

I love the pearls- very pretty!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Oh,hi again, I meant to ask, do you have a problem at all with keeping pearls,fimo,etc from falling off your nails? I usually use a special topcoat that is supposed to adhere it to the nail,but almost everytime,I wind up loosing a few here and there. Thanks!

Kay said...

Hi Olivia-Thanks for your comment! Glad you like them!

Hi thalie-Thanks for your comment!

I have never lost a fimo or pearl...knock on wood. For this pearl mani, I used a clear topcoat that came with the Kiss rhinestones I got in a contest, and then I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails clear polish over top. When everything has dried, I applied a coat of Barielle quick drying topcoat over everything. (These polishes are just what I have on hand. I believe any clear polish will work).

Now I do have trouble with Kiss stickers. I lost the rhinestone stickers off 3 fingers on my right hand on my mani with the bright color lines with 1 piece of fimo fruit on each nail. I didn't lose any of the fruit though.

And the last mani I had on, "Under The Sea", the swirly stickers were lifting a little on 2 nails after 4 days wear. I just took some Kiss brush on glue to the under side of the stickers that were coming up, tapped it down a little with my finger and it didn't budge after it dried completely.

What I've learned from love4nails, (and she uses tons of rhinestones, and pearls in her nail art), is to put another coat of clear polish the second day of wear. She swears she never loses a rhinestone by doing that.

I guess the best advice I read is to coat the fimo or pearls or whatever 3-D thing after it's initially put on the nail with clear polish, in layers of topcoat, letting each layer dry thoroughly, so it's encased in clear polish. Then it shouldn't budge at all.

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Thanks for the tips,Kay. I can't imagine using so much topcoat,but if it works,I will try it! I don't like waiting for things to dry. I have been thinking of getting one of those gel drying lamps.There;s one on sale at Sally's this week.

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