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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blame It On Rio

Mamaluck on youtube has made a very interesting and beautiful nail art design. Video Title: "Rio Inspired Nail Art." She's taken 3 colors, the ones in the movie's title Rio:  
Blue Yellow and Red.

I, who apparently subscribe to the adage, "More is...More," when it comes to nail art, have come up with my own version of this design.

I've had these for awhile and wore a set. It's a neat concept. The french tips are very thin, and would probably look very natural on someone with longer nail beds. The nails are real short length. 

There are 36 nails in 20 sizes. The custom fit refers to the arch of the nails. There are 12 flat and 24 regular.
I guess I used up all the flat arch nails the first time I wore these. Not sure I have enough sizes to fit for one more mani next time. I do remember the nails fit very well the first time I wore them. But my short nail beds didn't work with this design.

The kit came with a brochure folded up small, and tucked inside. Like Kiss was sending a secret message.
Click on pic to read details

This curious, plastic thing was inside the nail kit box.
 It comes apart. Why? I have no clue. If You know why, please tell me.

The only clue to what it used for is from this pic #3 on the back of the box. (I couldn't get the suction cup to work on the nails)
Oh Kiss, if only you could be more clear on your directions and not so cryptic at times.

But we carry on with scant knowledge...
I painted 1/3 down from the tip with Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud. I want the bright colors to pop. I'm sure if it helped the polishes, but it did give me a starting line when I painted on the polishes.

Confetti Tiara, Milani Green Stretch, Sinful Colors Dream on, Confetti The Red Carpet, & Tahitian Turquoise, Sally Hansen HD Lite, LA Colors Bright Orange, Rhinestone
 The process is this: (I suggest using polishes that are not watery)
  • Let the polish be thick on the brush and paint stripes on the nail with the colors you choose, from bottom of the french tip to the tip top.  (Use same colors in same order on each nail or change up order as I have done)
  • While it is still wet, take a toothpick and drag it lightly from side to side, alternating opposite sides. This should give it a zebra-like stripe effect. The colors run through each other.
  • Continue this step with each nail.
  • Once the polishes have dried, paint Tiara glitter in one coat on each tip.
  • Add rhinestones.  (I used Tiara to set the rhinestones instead of using clear polish this time)
  • Once everything is dry, apply clear top coat over all of the nails.
What I tried to accomplish with the rhinestones was to put the same or nearly the same color of rhinestone with the strip color.
Click on pic to enlarge details

This was my first try at toothpick dragging. It looked very easy to do on the video. Not so much for me in real life. I hated the first nail so much, I wiped it off and tried again.

Here's another pic to click on to see detail
Have you done nail art with thick rows of polish and toothpicks?


Olivia C. said...

Well I think it turned out awesome! I've wanted to try the toothpick dragging, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I love the colors you used, by the way!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Looks incredibly blingy,Kay! You've outdone yourself! I had a set of these nails. That queer white thingy is a mystery to me. I didn't get any suction from it either,so I threw it away. :-)

Kay said...

Olivia-If you do the toothpick dragging that'd make a good vlog post.

thalie-Kiss comes up with some goofy things sometimes, don't they?

Thanks for your comments ladies. Always appreciated!

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