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Monday, August 8, 2011

Confetti Polish Collection

I read recently on Nouveau Cheap that Confetti polishes at CVS were not being pulled off the shelves due to a law suit, and in fact, they've come out with more colors!

I've been on the lookout for a new display but nothing's happening here. When I'm on vacation in California, I'm going to look in a CVS there for one color in particular, Tasmanian Devil. It's supposed to be a good dupe for Debby Lippman's Happy Birthday.

My Confetti polish collection has been growing, slowly, and I wanted to see what I have.

I wrote the list in my notebook, and swiped the color on the line.
This is one coat
And here they are with 2 coats
The Sheers:
Tiara, Pink Paradise, Dreamdate, Pink Confetti
Tahitian Turquiose, Party Palace Blue, My Favorite Martian

The Red Hues:
Cherries Jubilee (the flash makes it hot pink but it's really more like a bluish red)
The Red Carpet (this is an orange-red)
Dressed To The 9's, Beach Dancin, Debutante (I put this in the reds because of it's pinkish tint)

The Purple Hues:
Belle of the Ball, Purple Pizzazz (a sheer), Silver Slippers, Moonsruck,
Just Dancin, Masquerade Ball, Centerstage, Smitten

The most disappointing polish on it's own for me is My Favorite Martian. It's just so watery. It would probably take 4 coats to reach opacity.  Tahitian Turquoise runs a close second in the disappointment category. It's so pretty in the bottle, and yet so sheer.  I use these two in spongings and layerings but it would nice to have a solid color with 2 coats.
All in all though, I really love this inexpensive, ($1.99/bottle) collection.  I'm glad to see the collection is not going away any time soon.

Now to find that illusive Tasmanian Devil!


Olivia C. said...

Great collection! I hope you find Tasmanian Devil on your trip! I really want to see what it looks like! :)

Kay said...

Aw, thanks Olivia! :D

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