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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet Tea Nail Art (Fimo Fruit and Stickers)

Since it's gotten hotter around here, I've been drinking more sweet tea. Iced sweet tea with lemon or lime is THE BEST!

I've been looking around the internet for iced tea or sweet tea nail art. ZIP. If it's there, somebody point me in that direction.

But there are oodles of pics of iced tea.
Doesn't that look so refreshing?

Here is my interpretation of sweet tea on nails...
Polishes L-R:Sally Hansen 05 Lite,Confetti 089 Beach Dancing, Piggy Polish 23 Gold For It, LA Colors (no-name)Copper Bronze, Sally Hansen 420 Yellow Kitty, CoverGirl 425 Ruby Dust, Sinful Colors Opal Glitter, Milani Nail Art 201 Art of Gold

I used the lemon slice stickers. They tear apart to be half a slice of lemon
Steps to Completion:
Base: 1 Coat-Sally Hansen 05 Lite. Let dry. It's actually paler in real life, but still bright. Use a piece of cosmetic sponge and
Dab:  Up to french tip line, Confetti 089 Beach Dancing, then
Dab: Over Beach Dancing, Piggy Polish 23 Gold For It, then
Dab: On outside edges of nail sides, LA Colors Bronzy polish, let dry. This creates the Tea.
Brush Dab: CoverGirl 425 Ruby Dust over Tea. Let dry.
Brush Dab: Sinful Colors Opal Glitter over yellow tips. Let dry.
Brush Dab: Sally Hansen 420 Yellow Kitty in center of Tea.
Make outline of squares for ice cubes over Yellow Kitty with Milani Nail Art Brush 701 Art of Gold. Let dry.

 Dab clear polish on nail where you want the lemon slice to go. With tweezers, place lemon sticker into clear polish. Cover with more clear polish. For the fimo fruit lime slices: Dab clear polish where you want for the lime slices, dip orangewood stick into clear polish, touch lime slice and place on clear polish. Follow by another coating of clear polish.

When everything is dry, brush quick drying top coat over all.

Can you see the ice cubes?


Olivia C. said...


Olivia C. said...

And! I tagged you for an award on my blog. :)

Kay said...

Oh aren't you sweet! I'll check it out this weekend. Thanks Olivia!

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