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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fimo Fruit Nail Art-Polka Dots!

I've seen several examples of black with white polka dots and fimo fruit on the net, and wanted to put my own spin on it.

I don't have enough black french tip nails left to do a whole set. Also, I wanted a medium length nail for this art. Looking through all my pre-painted white french tip boxes, there was nary a medium length among them. I guess I learned long ago that length doesn't work for me. REAL SHORT length barely covers and hides my nail edge with the white french tip.

I settled on these.
They are short length but on me they are more medium in length. The tips are bigger than some others. They also have a moon painted at the cuticle. A gimmick to simulate the natural nail's moon.

I must have worn them when I first got them a couple years ago, because there were just enough for this set.  I really should start writing on the boxes the dates when I get them.
The kit comes with 28 nails, an orangewood stick, a small nail file (which is gone), and glue. This package is nifty because it's got a slot for the glue to stand up in, when you use it.
I selected the artiflicial nails that fit my nails. On 3 of the nails I marked where the black french tip needed to land so my real nail won't show through the nude nail base on the artificial nail.

I taped the nails with the nail guides, and stuck them to the edge of the platform. Another time before, I taped them to the platform, with the tap guides overlapping and that was a disaster to get off later.
I painted each edge in black and let it dry.
Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud
Handy-dandy, expensive dotting tool
(snipped off end of q-tip)
Polka Dots
Alternating Pink and Green lines with Silver lines underneath
While I was attacking the curling fruit, I added some rhinestones to the thumbs and ring fingers.

You can see this is a really easy nail art design. The only draw backs are waiting for the layers to dry, and spending some time getting the fruit to lie down and not curl. 

What do you think? Do you like this fimo fruit nail art? Will you try this mani/nail art some time? If you're going to, or already have done something similar post a link. I'd love to see it.


Pam's Girly Bits said...

This looks awesome! I LOVE your dotting tool! so resourceful. What is the little disk you use to put the nails on while you paint them? Did you make it? I need to make something like that. :)

Kay said...

Hi Pam! The disk is just a scrapbook cardboard thing that I put a sticker over and then wrote my blog's name in the middle. I did this so my nail pics would be protected some what from getting stolen. Later on, I got a watermark app for my phone to use on my photos.

The rectangle is a little cardboard lid I had from a Starbuck's gift box. I use duct tape (flipped sticky side up) and held down by 2 strips of duct tape to hold it to the lid. That's what I use to paint the press-on nails. It's just sticky enough so they don't move around. When the stickiness wears out, I remove all the duct tape, and replace it with more duct tape.

Thanks for stopping by!

Pam's Girly Bits said...

Ok, excellent idea!! I will see what I have that will work. thanks!

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