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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Before the Internet Conks Out Again!!!! Nail Storage Pt 1

I'm no longer taking the blame for these internet connection problems.

I bought a new router. It's not the router! It's NOT the power strip! It's NOT MY FAULT!
It's YOUR blippin' digital (all fancy, supposed to be better) modem, cable company!


Ok. So before the internet conks out again. I'm starting this post.

Recently, I've gotten into prepainting nails, and saving them for wearing later on, instead of wearing them the day I painted them. I was tossing each set into snack size baggies. However, I've got odd size nails. And bad eyes. Yes, I need stronger glasses. UGH! I don't know my nail size number and even if I did, I can't see the teeny tiny raised number that's the same opaque color as the nail blank.

So I needed to devise a system whereby the nails that are lined up correctly on my painting platform are correct in the baggie to wear later. And yep, I learned my lesson on this when I glued the wrong size nail once.

This is what I came up with:
I cut a strip of contact paper a little larger than the nails. Then I cut the contact paper a little shorter than the baggie.
I lined up the nails, removed the paper backing from the contact paper, and put the nails onto the sticky side of the contact paper.
The tricky part is getting the contact paper into the baggie without disrupting the nails. The good part about this method is that the nails stick just enough to stay in place but not enough to become difficult to remove from the contact paper later.
Because the contact paper strip is slightly larger than the nails, I can press the baggie to the free contact paper and keep the nails in place.
Additionally, I write the name of the nail art on the baggie and now I've been including the date I painted them. Some nails I've worn but want to keep because of the nail art, I have put in baggies as well.

All of them fit in this Tupperware container.

Next up...
My obsession with sweet tea.


Olivia C. said...

That's a really neat way to store them!
Ahhh sweet tea! I'm obsessed, too!

Kay said...

Thanks Olivia! I seem to stumble on ways that eventually work for me. :D Got my MC-D's sweet tea tonight!

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