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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strawberry P O P

I was in a mood to paint some nails!
Front L-R: Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO Steel Gray, Wet n Wild Fast Dry How I Met Your Magenta, LA Colors (No name on bottle) Ruby, Cover Girl Boundless Color Ruby Dust, Confetti Pink Confetti, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Sheer Strawberry, LA Colors (no name on bottle) Hot Pink

  1. I selected nails from the Kiss Full Cover Oval Active Length package and laid them out on the sticky polishing platform. Over all the nails:
  2. Paint two layers of Sheer Strawberry over entire nail, allowing each coat to dry.
  3. Paint one layer of How I Met Your Magenta, about 1/3 down from the nail tip. Let dry.
  4. Paint one layer of Pink Confetti glitter on Sheer Strawberry. Let dry.
  5. Paint one layer of LA Colors hot pink color above Magenta color. 
  6. Paint one layer of  LA Colors ruby color on tips.
  7. Cut a bit of cosmetic sponge, dab with Steel Gray on polish brush and sponge on nails just a little lower than tip.
  8. Paint one layer of Ruby Dust on everything but Sheer Strawberry.
  9. While everything is drying, add stickers, using tweezers to place them in tacky-drying nail polish.
  10. Allow to dry then polish all nails with quick drying top coat.

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