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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caribbean Look 2: Sand to Sea

Oh, how I want to go to the beach!

It's been years since I've seen the waves lapping onto the shore.

Here's a new mani to further get me in the mood for summer, sun and sand.

I tried to express the moment when the water meets the shore.

Products List:
Front L-R: Color Zone Blue Glitter, Sinful Colors Opal Glitter, Wet n Wild Fast Dry Teal or No Teal, Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost, Color Zone Green Glitter, Confetti Debutante, Revlon Minted, Cover Girl Boundless Color Gold Rush

So I selected Nailene Full Cover Active Square Nails, and placed them on this my sticky nail painting platform.

On all the nails:
  1. Paint one layer of Debutante. Let dry.
  2. Paint one layer of Gold Rush glitter a little more than 1/2 way up nail. Let dry.
  3. Paint one layer of Mint in a staggered pattern to mimic waves reaching up on the sand. Let dry.
  4. Paint one layer of  Wet n Wild Teal or No Teal following Mint's staggered pattern but not covering it completely. Let dry.
  5. Paint one layer of Color Zone green glitter over Mint and Teal, avoiding the tips. Let dry.
  6. Paint one layer of Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost on tips. Let dry.
  7. Paint one layer of Color Zone blue glitter over Caribbean Frost. Let dry.
  8. With a slow drying clear polish or top coat, dab a spot for sticker on left hand ring finger nail.
  9. With tweezers, lift sticker off sheet and place on wet polish. Let dry. (Avoid touching stickers with your fingers as it will take some of the stickiness away from them and they will tend to lift off the nails)
  10. Repeat 8 & 9 for right hand ring finger nail.
  11. Paint one layer of Sinful Colors Opal Glitter over flowers. Let dry.
  12. Paint all nails with quick drying top coat.

Now, who's ready for a frozen adult beverage? 

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