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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Notes on a Scale -or- Broadway Fashion Diva "Boa" Review

I wanted to wear french tip nails but something with a design on them. I found these in my shoe box of goodies.
The kit comes with glue and an orange stick. No nail file.
Nails inside of box
The nails are short length with a slight beige tint to the nail beds. They have music staffs and notes  and a thin line of sliver polish on each white french tip. Some of the nails have rhinestones.
I sorted out what nails would fit my nails. The tabs are excellent handles to hold the nails to the natural nails, while the glue takes hold.  I used the glue that came with the Kiss Everlasting French Tip Salon UV Gel Effect kit.  I like the consistency and tint to this glue better than the Broadway glue. It looks more natural under the glue on nails, to my eye.
I used a lot of glue. Maybe a little too much but I wanted the glue to form a curve with my flat nail bed and the arch of the glue on nail. Some of the glue seeped out but it comes off easily once dried, with several applications of cuticle cream and hand lotion.

I couldn't take a decent left hand picture outside to save my life.  I also forgot to file the edges of the nails where they meet the cuticles on my thumbs.
However, I believe the Kiss Gel glue filed in the gap on the sides so it's not noticeable at arms length.
Rhinestones on left hand ring finger
When I got home, I discovered one of the rhinestones was missing from my right first finger. I applied clear polish over all the nails. Hopefully the other two on my ring finger won't disappear.

These are really cute nails. The opaque nail base + the pink gel nail glue disguises my short nail beds.
I really love how they look on my hands. And they passed "the acid test" for me which is how natural or at least how professionally done do they look inside a store with those awful fluorescent lights that expose every flaw.

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