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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fimo Fruit Nail Art-Sangria!

Oh I hate internet connectivity problems. Second to car trouble. I hate it when I tried to refresh a page or write and post something and all I get is rotating axis of evil.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, this'll go through.

My first foray into fimo fruit nail art flibbertigibbet.

I'm not a big drinker. But when I go to Olive Garden, I enjoy a glass of their berry Sangria. This is my interpretation of glasses of sangria with fruit floating in them. I used Kiss Oval Active Length full cover nails. The bottom of the glasses are the oval tips. The gold ends "top" of the glasses sit next to the cuticles.
Polishes: Confetti 073 Purple Pizzazz, Revlon 760 Cherry Crush, Cover Girl 415 gold rush glitter, Wet n Wild Shine Black, LA Colors (no name) Ruby glitter, Confetti 093 Debutante, Confetti 089 Beach Dancing and CG Ruby Dust (forgot to add in pic)
After selecting sizes of nails, brush one coat of Debutante over entire nails. Let dry.
With flash

Without flash (closer to actual real life color)
Next, brush Beach Dancing on small edge of cosmetic sponge, and add several dabs 3/4 of the way up the nails from the oval tip to cuticle edge. Add a little more if it looks too light. Let dry.
 Dab Cover Girl Gold Rush Glitter over the Debutante only. Let dry.

Brush one stroke of Purple Pizzazz on the sides of the nails, next to Debutante.
On another section of the cosmetic sponge brush Cherry Crush and dab over Beach Dancing covering most from oval tip, but leave a little between gold area and some of Beach Dancing.
Add one stroke of Black on the tip end, followed immediately by one brush of Cherry Crush over it. Let dry.
Dab LA Colors Ruby glitter polish over the Cherry Crush. Add Cover Girl Ruby Dust over Beach Dancing (non-glittered area between Ruby Glitter and Gold Rush)

 Add fruit slices.

How to add fimo fruit:
  1. Dab area on nail where you want to place fruit with clear polish.
  2. Dip nail doter or orangewood stick into clear polish dab, then touch the fimo fruit slice.
  3. Place fimo fruit on clear polish, and press down with orangewood stick. 
  4. Immediately brush another coat of clear polish over the fruit slice so it does not curl up.
  5. Let dry and add one or two coats of quick drying top coat over entire nail.
Wearer's POV

  So what do you think of my first fimo fruit nail art? Does it remind you of Sangria? My daughter thinks I should add a few rhinestones. Do you think I should or just leave it as is? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!


Olivia C. said...

Ok, I really can't get over how cute that fruit is! Who would have thought little fruit would be so fun & cute?!

Kay said...

I know! I'm having so much fun with them. I just know I'll be ordering more soon. :D Thanks for stopping by!

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