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Friday, June 17, 2011

Arabian Nights

I was stuck at home waiting for the cable man to show up and work his mojo.  While I had time to kill, I painted some nails.

I used Nailene full cover nails in square short length.


I used Revlon Suede Gray for the bottom of the nails. For the top I used one coat of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, and 1 coat of Sally Hansen BLU. 
I wanted the blue to be more colbalt-like so I put Wet n Wild Saved By the Blue over BLU. But now I think I should have put black under the blue to make it darker.

When that was dry I added Color Zone blue glitter.
After that dried I added a gold line on the diagonal line with Milani Nail Art Brush in Art of Gold.
Won in a contest

Using Broadway Nail and Body Art kit, I placed rhinestones on the nails.
Arabian Nights
This was a really easy and fun design. Nothing has to be painted perfectly. The Broadway Nail and Body Art Kit is very easy to work with and has a nice selection.

Now that my internet and cable issues are resolved, I can catch up on my blog reading!

Happy Father's Day Weekend everyone!

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