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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fing'rs Hardcore Nail Addict Argyle French Tips Review

Sometimes, it's really nice to have nail art designs already on the fake nails, and all I have to do is glue them on my nails.  These nails are great because they are short in length and fit my natural nails pretty well. The kit comes with glue or stick on tabs. The stick on tabs are for when you want to wear these for one or two days. I've read that some people get 3 days wear with the tabs.  The tabs release when you soak your hands in warm water. Like washing dishes.

When I wore them, I used the glue. Minimal air bubbles appeared. 

Sorry for the crappy pictures. This was before I got an iPhone. The nails were very comfortable to wear and looked really cute. I really liked the argyle design on the tips.

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