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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coupons...I've had it

Sometimes I get so tired of shopping, I just don't go.

I'll take out everything from my fridge freezer, (only freezer I have) and see what's what and that's what I cook from for the week...or next. Same with the pantry which is just a tall cupboard beside the fridge.

I used to chase sales and beat it to the stores with my coupon binder.

I got burned out.

I came to realize that if I miss a sale with a coupon, another one will be along shortly.

I believe in following the store's purchase limit. Like Walgreens has a limit of 3, although I've read they don't follow it but I will. 3 Dawn or 3 boxes of Kleenex on sale, with coupons, and I've got a little stock pile going until the next sale.

Just recently, I put the binder away. I'm just burned out on cutting the coupons and folding and trimming to get them in those dang baseball card holders.

I've gone positively prehistoric with coupons in legal size envelops.

When you overspend, when you get burned out, when you get overwhelmed, when you get discouraged, when you just can't take it anymore...

Give yourself a break.

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