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Monday, May 23, 2011

Mosaic 1 Update

I got a few compliments about this design yesterday.

When I tried to explain how easy it was to create, one lady didn't believe me.  Seriously, I'm no artist. So if I can slap on random nail polish to accomplish this look, anyone can.

Here's how I did it:
I painted all the nails a neutral color. (These are Kiss Oval Active Full Cover glue on nails) I used Revlon's Gray Suede as a base coat.  

When that dried...I got 7 colors (all the colors from the Wet n Wild Nail Pail) ready. I started with 230C Saved By The Blue, swiping it across my thumbnail.

From there I just radomly dabbed or swabbed the other nails with the same color, varying the size.

I went on to do the same with all the other colors. I didn't wait too long for the polish to dry before going on to the next color.

Once I got all the nails painted, I waited for them to dry. After a few minutes, I got a bright pink nail art polish. You can see the stripes in the photo above.  Well, I didn't quite like that so I got out the black nail art polish.

With the black nail art polish, I outlined some of the sections on each nail. Not every section though.

The blue areas seemed really too much in-your-face to me. So I got the white nail art polish and put 3 dot-like marks on the bigger blue sections and 1 dot-like mark on the smaller blue sections. I learned in photography and graphic design classes that visually, 3 of something is more appealing than 2. I forgot a lot of things from college but I never forgot that.

After the polish dried, I swiped clear glitter polish over my nails. When that dried, I applied a clear top coat.  It looks like melted crayons.

It really was easy and a lot of fun. The best thing though is if you don't like the results, you can just take it off with nail polish remover and start over.

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