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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nail wraps: Sally Hansen vs Broadway review

Sally Hansen nail wraps (paid for by me)
I put these Houndstooth pattern wraps over pre-polished Fing'rs artificial nails. I didn't cover my ring finger, and kept it with the floral sticker. There are only 16 nail wraps in the Sally Hansen box. Only enough for one manicure.

Each nail wrap is individually sealed. They are fairly easy to position and maneuver over the nail.  the only difficulty I had was determining which wrap was big enough to cover the nails. I ended up spliced some excess wrap onto the sides of the nails that weren't covered completely. I used the excess from the top of the wraps to do this. Theoretically, I should have enough to do another manicure.

These wraps lasted about 3 days, when it was time for me to remove the artificial glue on nails.

Broadway nail wraps
These were sent to me for review as I am a 2011 Broadway Brand Beauty Ambassador.  There are enough wraps (28 wraps) in the box to do at least 2 manicures.  I'm not sure if it was due to the fact this was my first time around a nail wrap but I had many problems with these.

I again had trouble sizing up the wrap to fit the fake nail. Here I'm wearing Nailene Active Square glue on nails. The wraps are stuck to a card insert. Some of the wraps tore as I was placing them on the nails. I had to do patch work with the excess wrap ends. After getting the wraps in place, I covered them with clear glitter top coat. These wraps lasted through the weekend but were peeling in places, probably because of the patch jobs.

Sally Hansen nail wraps seemed to be the easier of the 2 but they still gave me problems. They are more expensive than Broadway nail dress wraps, and have less product in the package.

Broadway Nail Dress Wraps are just around $5.99 per package. They are thinner and tear more easily than Sally Hansen did. However there are more wraps in the package, so redoing a nail would be easier on the budget.

I'm not really sure I'll ever buy any more Sally Hansen wraps unless they are half-off or on clearance. They are around $10 and just not worth it at the price to me. 

I have one more package of each and will give it another go one day and post my thoughts. 

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