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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiss Everlasting French Tips Real Short Square Shape Nails Review

I put these on Friday evening. It took about 15 minutes. The Self-Tabs make holding and gluing the nails on very easy.

I used the pink gel glue that comes with the kit, along with the orange cuticle stick and 2-sided nail file.

First I cleaned my nails with polish remover, and washed my hands with exfoliating hand scrub.
Usually, I would roughen up my nails with the blue side of the nail file, but this time I let them alone.

After selecting the nails that fit my natural nails, (and this kit had many sizes I hadn't seen previously in other kits), I applied a bit of glue to the left pinky glue on nail and then some glue to my natural nail.

Instead of pressing down on the glue on nail, I did something different, that I had read or watched on youtube. Can't remember exactly where I got this tip. Instead of pressing I just let the nail float on top of my natural nail, glue to glue, so to speak. When the nail was secure, I applied the rest of the nails in the same manner.

Near the end, I put on the thumb nails, then the right pointer finger and lastly, the left pointer finger. It just seems the easiest way for me. I also lightly twist/snap off the tabs at the end of the nails once glued, so I can grasp the next nail that needs to be glued.

Here's what my nails looked like last night, with flash.

You can see the white areas around my middle finger and ring finger where the glue had seeped out and dried. 

Right hand with flash. The much loathed air bubbles showed up on my ring finger. Blast! I did pressed down on the ring fingers after I saw there were air bubbles. I really didn't think it would help, after the glue dried a bit, but I gave it a shot.

Last night, before bed, I gently filed off the white bits with the blue side of the nail file that is included with the kit. Then I rubbed cuticle cream around all the nails, and put on hand cream.

Here's what the nails looked like today, in natural light.

The glaring dried white glue bits around the nails are gone, and the air bubble on the left ring finger is very minimal now.

I really like these nails.  They fit my rather short nail beds pretty well, both in length and width. Probably because there were more sizes to choose from, I was actually able to custom fit every nail. I believe my left hand pointer finger was a 10 (a size I've never seen before), and my right was a 7.

It seems that the nail glue in this kit is "different" or a new formula because it looked and felt different and the air bubbles were minimal compared to other nail glue in the Kiss and Broadway kits I've used. One exception was the glue in the Kiss Salon UV Gel Effect glue on nails kit. That had a different consistency as well that made the nails look more professionally done.

I haven't felt the need to disguise the air bubbles with glitter nail polish because they are minute.

I bought these at Target. Cost $5.99 for 28 nails.  I will definitely buy these again.
Have you tried these nails? What was your experience? Please post a comment below. 
Are you thinking about trying them? If so, I want to encourage you to get a box and try them out. Then come back here and let me know how you liked or disliked them.  

I'd love to hear from you!


thalie said...

Last week,when I applied my nails I noticed my right index made application awkward because it was applied before the others, so I sort of learned by accident that the right index had to go on last. I am a leftie.

Kay said...

I wait until the end to put on my left index finger. I'm right handed. With practice, it gets easier. I've learned a lot by all the accidents I had while applying nails.

Thanks for your comments!

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