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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kiss Everlasting Pearl French Tip Real Short Length Nails Review

I was so excited when I found these at CVS!
I could not find these in the real short length before. So when I saw them, I had to snatch them right up! Of course, getting $3 ECBs back from CVS was nice too.

These pearl French tips come in medium size as well. The Real Short Length number is 55360/EF09. The kit comes with pink gel nail glue, a cuticle stick, and emery board. I used the nail glue in the kit.

The nail base is opaque, not clear. so that with the pink gel nail glue under it, 
my short nail edge is not so visible in natural light.
I really like the "real short length," and square tips. The pearl tips have a shimmer to them. 
The difference with Everlasting French Pearl is that Pearl is not a bright white compared to their other Everlasting French full cover nails. The Pearl has a more subtle look to it.***
 As you can see, the "real short length" still pops up over my fingers' edges. 
If you have long nail beds, you might want to choose medium length.
3 of my favorite things:
  1. Journal
  2. Starbucks travel mug (got free refills all during the month of January!)
  3. A new pack of Kiss nails
I never thought we'd be going into our 3rd month (THREE!) of hotel living. And that buying a place to live would be so difficult. The stories I could tell you...
It's these familiar things that give me comfort.

Have you tried Kiss nails with pearl French tips? Do you like them more, less or equal to the white French tips?


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

The subtle pearl is what makes these look so natural on you.Did you forget to mention the bottle of nail polish? :-)

Kay said...

Ha! Yep, I did forget that little bottle of polish! Thanks for stopping by Thalie :D

Erin Does Nails said...

They're gorg-love them! <3

Bridget said...

I bought a box of these and can't wait to try them. I am scared to to death of the nail glue. I tried doing a nail, (LOL, just a nail.) for practice. I had air bubbles galore! I had coated my entire thumb with Kiss Lightning Speed Brush-On Gel glue And tried my best putting glue on the nail but ended up getting more glue on myself instead. LOL. It was a very unique experience! The nail was a tad crooked. Not too bad though. So, last but not least put on a couple coats of nail polish. Pure Ice brand. (I love it. It's awesome stuff.)In the color Pure Ice Peony. My fave color of theirs is the Pure Ice Splash color. It's gorgeous! Really don't know how to rate myself how I done. It just hurt a little while afterwards. I know I kind of pulled up onI to see how well it was stuck, and by golly it was stuck! It was not popping off at all. I just needs lots of practice. I have 4 boxes of the Nailene Shimmer nails. Those are so beautiful! I like those alot too. I am trying to stick with the short nails first and then work my way up to the medium size. I just dont know about these bubbles! UGH!

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