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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nailene So Natural Everyday French Review

I was just trying to research and joggle my mind into remembering when and how I got these. I'm thinking they were sent to me by Nailene from a question I answered online. I received them around the time we were packing to move, and tossed them into my kit.

First of all, I have to say I really love these nails! 
  • They have "comfort flex technology" which means they comform easier to my flat nail beds. The back of the package states: "Perfect fit every time! Our So Natural nails are made with exclusive Comfort Flex technology designed to fit most nail types. So comfortable, you won't even know they're on!" These nails feel substantial and strong but the base feels comfortable on my nail beds.
  •  The pink gel nail glue is really pink.  It's actually darker than shown. And it's has a more gel like consistency. When I applied it to my nail and to the artificial nail, it did not run all over. I had very little clean up. The pink is more evident in this photo...

  • The length is SHORT and very comfortable to wear.  I put a little bit of glue on my natural nail, then some glue on the bottom half of the fake nail bed.  Even though there are no tabs and they are slick, I didn't have any gluing disasters because the glue stays mostly in place. Also, they're plastic cuticle stick is my new glue clean up stick of choice.

If you would like to try these nails, the number is: 

Have you tried these Nailene So Natural nails?


Bridget said...

I had 4 boxes of the Pink Shimmers by Nailene. I haven't worn them yet, but they are sooo pretty. These look pretty too. I just don't recall seeing these anywhere. Most this town I live in don't have a very good variety of nails. I seen the pink shimmers and stocked up on them. LOL. I haven't worn them yet though. I am planning on putting some on tomorrow. I used to have long beautiful nails. Not anymore. :( I miss my nails so much. I have tons of nails to put on. And I do believe, once I start, I ain't going to stop. LOL. Very pretty nails. Gonna see if I can find some here where I live. Wish me luck.

Candy G said...

Can I ask what your favorite fake nails are from the drug store? I'm looking for some reliable ones. Thank you!

Kay said...

Kiss, Broadway, Nailene

Torrie Hoskins said...

I love nailene nails :) I purchased several boxes of the short shimmer length because I liked them only to find that the length is to short for my liking. I want to try a few boxes of the medium length nails but just haven't done it yet. These nails look great on you

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