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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello my wonderful readers!

I know it's been quite awhile since I posted to my blog! Since the last time I posted, we've downsized everything we own to 2 relocubes, and relocated to Southern California! We're in the process of looking for a new home, and everything is taking most of my time now. I'm so sorry I've been absent for so long.

I have been tweeting here and there though, and trying to make comments on others' tweets when I get the chance. So if you follow me on twitter I will do my best to follow you back.

Meanwhile, I finally got the chance to put on some nails. These are Kiss "Fashion Week."

They are part of Kiss' Catwalk series and are medium length. They come with a cuticle stick but I didn't find any glue. Now it might come with glue and I took it out when I bought this months ago. I'm just not sure. I used some glue I had on hand. It was really weird and gave me some trouble hardening. But it finally did "cure" and held the nails for a good 6 days.

The design is really pretty and varies, so I tried to choose one that was different from the one next to it.

As I said above, the glue gave me some problems. I painted the nails with one coat of Confetti's Dreamdate, a pink glitter polish to camouflage the air bubbles.

Some pics from the car trip to California...
Underside of Fashion Week

Our little car is packed to the gills!

Overexposure in the car
 I wore them for about 4 days, or so, and then I painted them.
This is 10 Professional (or is it Professional 10?) "Signed, Sealed, & Delivered".
This is 2 coats.

After another day or 2, I cut them short and painted them with Professional 10 "Chocolate Kiss." But I forgot to get a pic of that.

Well, that's all for now. Just know that I miss you all and I appreciate you who read and subscribe to my blog. I am looking forward to the day when we are settled in and I can get back to blogging and creating some fun nail art!

Until next time...


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Hi,Kay!Glad to see you're blogging again.I hope you find a place soon! These nails are so pretty!

Kay said...

Hi Thalie! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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