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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Broadway Nails imPress Press-on Nails

Recently, I was sent 2 sets of Broadway Nails imPress press-on nails.

Now these are Broadway Nails newest invention. They are peel and stick nails. 
And boy, are they super easy to apply!

The nails come in packages that look like nails polish bottles. 
Cute, huh?

There are so many styles to choose from too.
Each set of nails comes with one prep pad package. It's used to clean the natural nails before placing the press-on nails onto them. To me, the pad smells like rubbing alcohol. I had a little bit of polish on a nail, and it didn't remove the polish.
 The nail container top twists off like a polish bottle.

The nail containers, opened.

The directions are pretty straight forward. The email I received also suggested to press the nails during the first 30 minutes of wear, and avoid water contact during that time, to insure maximum adhesiveness.

I was worried about these nails because of my two "problems:" Short nail beds, and flat nail beds.

However, I really had nothing to worry about. These imPress nails are real short length, and they are flexible at the base. Instead of me having to fill up the gap of space between the arch of the artificial nail and my flat bed nail, these conform to my nails.

The package says they last up to 7 days. We will see. I'm still in the middle of packing and living, ie: washing my hair, dishes, hands, etc. If they actually stay on for 7 days, these might be my newest nail obsession.

Have you tried these imPress nails yet? What are your thoughts? When they are removed, there is no damage to the natural because there is no glue. Does that make you more eager to try them? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments...
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thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I saw these at CVS,and the prices weren't marked.I was curious and thought the bottle inside was nail polish remover,LOL! I like that there is a new alternative for us artificial nail ladies,one less likely to damage the nail.

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I thought of this after I wrote that,are you going to stop using the other artificial nails now that these are out?

Kay said...

Hi Thalie- I don't think I'm going exclusively with these. Even though they are more secure than nails + mega sticky tabs, they're still less secure than nails + glue. I had a thumb nail ping off about an hour after applying. Then I had another one lift this morning. I haven't gotten them really wet yet, like in the shower. I'm worried they're going to go after that.

mrsdavis said...

I applied these nails two days ago. They are cute, but a little wider than my actual nail. They aren't like regular false nails. Softer and easy to bend. I didn't trust the tab glue so I used regular nail glue to ensure that they stay on. Probably wont buy again unless its on clearance.

Makeup by Kim Porter Blog said...

I had the same issue with mine popping off not too long as well. I was wondering if it were just me... looks like it's not. Glad to see someone else talk abt them...honestly

Kay said...

Hello mrsdavis! Thank you for your comments. Although I love the designs and length of these new nails, they really don't make me feel like they are secure the way glued on nails do. I decided to take them off and apply glue on nails on for a party I was going to. I just couldn't take the chance of one of them flying off while shaking someone's hand.

The flexibility is nice for the nail bed, but not so handy at the tip, where I feel they should be sturdier. How was your experience with using nail glue with these press on nails?

Hello Makeup by Kim Porter Blog! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
I really was disappointed when one of the nails came off as soon as it did. I was hoping this new product would be the ideal fake nail: something that sticks without the need for nail glue.

I would welcome an even stickier temporary glue for these nails, if it could give the same security as glue on nails.

Do you think you'll wear these again?

Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing your views!

Michelle said...

They suck... I put them on last night. Did everything they said to do to prep and went to bed... didn't put my hand in any water. Woke up and one was about to fall off. Then another fell off in the shower then two more when putting on my clothes. Don't Buy!

Karen said...

I've had them on 10 days now, and still haven't lost one. Surely didn't think they'd remain through yesterday's kitchen cleaning. My nail beds are a little "humpier" than these nails, and I can see a gap between the impress nail and my nail when looking at the underside of my free edges, especially on my thumbs, and really thought that would mean I wouldn't get long wear out of them. I'm amazed and surprised!
I applied them over the base coat clear polish I was already wearing, and I buffed that surface enough to take the shine off first. I did that out of laziness, but will probably do it intentionally next time, since these have lasted so well.

susan said...

These are better than any glue on nail I have tried and I got 12 days wear without any issues..love them and got so many compliments on the leopard print ones..will definitely be buying these over the other brands i had been using and so freeing to not use glue..these adhere wonderfully and SO easy to apply

purlbaker said...

Love these! I have never used an artificial nail of any kind, thinking that my hands and nails were too ugly to be improved and that they would fly off at horrible times. I applied these the night before a wedding Exactly as the directions read. Then I pressed them center to edge frequently for an hour. I did not get them wet and went to bed. I have had them on for two weeks now with raves (!) over my pretty hands! I have gardened, farm chores, manually wash dishs 3 times a day with no problem I am delighted.

Gu Est said...

I think they may have improved the glue since 2011 because they work AMAZING now! My 2 daughters and i each had them on for over a week with no lifting or lost nails, and we take baths, clean up after dogs, wash dishes, wash hair...etc.. that actually was the only problem, after a week as they grow away from the cuticle, washing your hair with them on gets difficult as hair strands slide in and snag a big. I waited till first signs of slight lifting (day 8) to easily peel them all off because i was so worried I would have to soak them in some dread awful chemical to get them off, and also i wanted to check for damage. they came off easily and don't damage. i won't be getting my gel manicures at the salon anymore because they were causing my nails to thin. these don't. don't even need to rough up the nail. but it might be a good idea to clean all the polish off, wash your hands with soap and water, then use the alcohol prep pad. then stick on.

Brittney T said...

I have swim hopeful they stay

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