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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Tram

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. If not,  it'll all be over tomorrow.

This weekend, my husband and I went on a tram up the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque NM. Now this is something we did for our 1st wedding anniversary. He wanted to go again for our 7th and I agreed.

My husband is on this "one last time" sort of kick. We are planning to move to California before the end of the year, and he's racing to get things done around the city before we leave.


At least that's probably the feeling so he's going on hikes and long bike rides and pointing out places where he lived, or hiked or biked or threw rocks onto cars (when he was a kid) or almost lost Little Bennie (during the only time the arroyo flooded where he lived when he was young).

So this re-tramming was on his list.

6 years ago, the tram tickets were $15 a piece. But we felt they were worth it because we ate the most incredible steak nachos at the restaurant on the top of the mountain.  Now the tram tickets are $20, there's no more steak nachos to look forward to.

Anyway, I've got some pics. They're not your ordinary pics I suppose. Here's a link http://www.sandiapeak.com/ if you want to see the tram and the view and all that.

Here's some pics I took. I admit I'm jaded and I'm over the whole "oooh it's a majestic view".
Here's the descending tram coming straight for us.

Ok, not really towards us to ram us, but we do run beside it at one point and the impact sways the tram car.

 Tram Car Shadow Rock
(My band's new single)

Portobello Burger
When my husband saw it he almost blurted out that they'd burnt my meat. 
Then he remembered it's not beef.

After we ate, I went into post lunch + higher altitude coma. And my husband went geocaching.

It hailed and then rained while we were in the restaurant so all the benches outside were wet. I decided to head to the visitor center. I had my journal and a magazine to pass the time, until I could go back outside and sit.  But I spent most of my time people watching.

There were a lot of people milling around the redwood decks, and along the trails, but when it came time for us to go back down on the tram only 7 remained.  Our tram car operator told us they get really busy at sunset. And it was true, by the time we reached the bottom about 60 people were lined up to go back up to the top.

Tram car 

While we were walking up to the tram, I noticed this woman in the white pants.

She wore these heels on a tram ride to a rugged terrain?

At first I just thought she was ill prepared, but maybe I was just jealous that she could feel confident to wear platform stilettos to a place where hikers, skiers, cliff climbers and outdoorsy types congregate.

And since this is a nail blog after all, some more shots of my anniversary nails.


Olivia C. said...

It looks like you had a good time! The view is awesome!
Those heels are crazy! I don't think I could wear those to that sort of place, but I don't know... maybe? haha. Love your nails! :)

Anastacia said...

OMG! Such a fun time U spent! Very beautiful pictures! So like those beige heels too :)

Very cool mani!!

Kay said...

Hi Olivia- There's no way I could wear those heels any where. My ankles are too weak. ;p

Hi Anastacia-It is a beautiful view on top of the mountain. Those beige heels were something, eh?

Thanks for your comments ladies!

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