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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Purple Faux Plaid

I've seen so many bloggers showing purple nail polish shades and manis lately, it got into my subconscious.

Here's the mani I came up with...

Confetti Purple Pizzazz, My Favorite Martian, Belle of the Ball, Centerstage, Sally Hansen HD DVD, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Deeply Violet, Kiss Nail Art Paint Gold, Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud

  • Painted the french tips with Lavender Cloud, filling in the moon. Let it dry.
  • With a cosmetic wedge I sponged on Belle of the Ball, let dry. 
  • Sponged on Centerstage, and then Purple Pizzazz.
  • Polished one coat of DVD over the purple sponged areas.
  • With the Kiss Gold nail paint, I added a line under the bottom of the french tips.
  • With my nail dotter I made gold flowers on the thumbs. With Deeply Violet, I dotted down each nail and defined the flowers.

 After this, I went to bed but couldn't sleep. I just felt that the nails weren't "done" and I needed to add something more.

With Lavender Cloud, I added white dots. Then with My Favorite Martian, I added green dots. It's a sheer color, so I had to go over the dots a couple times.

Natural Light

With flash

This mani was really difficult to photograph. I guess because it's so shiny?
If you click on the pictures, you'll be able to see the details better.

I'm going to save these to wear this fall. It just seems like a good autumn mani.

What do you think?


Olivia C. said...

They're so cute! Perfect for fall! I hope you'll post pics when you wear them. I just can't get over how perfect your nails always turn out. You are so talented!

Kay said...

I'm looking forward to fall and wearing these. I'll for sure post a pic when I put these on. Thanks for your comments Olivia. You made my day!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I've had purple on my mind for the last couple days,however I don't see many unique takes on it like yours. I could wear this now or in fall. You inspire me,Kay. I just wish my nail would heal soon so I can get back to painting them. My husband is doing sooo much better!

Kay said...

thalie, thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you liked the mani. I'm more glad to hear your husband is doing better! I hope your nail heals quickly so you can get back to painting nails and posting to your blog. :D

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