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Monday, June 27, 2011

Photo Flowers

This mani is inspired by one of my favorite Japan nail salon catalog apps.  The Japan nail salon photo showed a white french tip mani with multiple tiny flowers, in different colors all over the french tips. When I saw it, I believed I could recreate the look with all these stickers I have.

I chose this box to use as the french tip manicure base.
The kit comes with glue, nail file, and orangewood stick
When I first started wearing drug store nails, in 2009, there wasn't much choice in my area except french tips. I bought several boxes of this brand, size and peach color because I liked the base color best against my skin.

Then around the beginning of 2010, the drug store/glue on nail world exploded. Suddenly we were getting designs, prepolished nails, and french tips with colors and designs, and stickers, and then nail art paint. It's become really exciting to see what Broadway/Kiss will come up with next.
Still I have a big box full of mostly white french tip nails. Back when I started, it never occurred to me to do anything more than to wear the french tips, try to avoid air bubbles, and then try to hide the air bubbles that inevitably showed up. I got so discouraged about the air bubbles, I put the white french tips away, and bought other nails with different designs. And then I discovered blank nails and started buying polish again.

Ok. So much for the trip down memory lane.

I can't remember if I bought these stickers or won them in a give-away because my stickers seemed to have multiplied in the dark. Even though stickers cause me troubles at times, with curling or bleeding, I still love them. They've given me the ability to be creative even though I'm not artistic.

 I had a close up of the stickers I selected but my iphone had a little hiccup earlier and I guess I lost the picture. The top section of stickers, the photo quality-like flowers, are the ones I used for this design.

I selected the nails I would be using. The tabs came in really handy to hold the nail while I placed the stickers on them.

 I used tweezers to remove the stickers from the sheet, and place them on the nails. At first, I used a dab of clear polish and then put the sticker on, but then I found that wasn't really necessary. After the stickers were layered, I put a clear top coat over them so they wouldn't curl.

And here they are on my hands!

Once again, I had some air bubbles because I'm trying to shove my flat nail beds into arched drugstore nails.  I used Confetti Dreamdate, an iridescent pink polish over the base of the nails, up to the stickers, to cover any air bubbles.
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Olivia C. said...

That's so cute. And it sounds easy, like something I could do without messing it up, haha.

Kay said...

Hi Olivia! It is easy. All it takes is just a little patience to get the stickers off the page with the tweezers. I use tweezers so I don't touch the sticky part and it'll stick better. I've never had a Kiss or Broadway sticker bleed either, after applying polish.

Thanks for stopping by!

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