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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kiss Stick On Nails Review

Sophisticated Merlot
 I bought these nails awhile ago. Like several months back. They are self-sticking and I thought it might be best to use them sooner rather than later. The sticky backing is not covered. I don't know if they would dry out and I didn't want to take that chance.

 So today, when I was rushed to get ready to leave the house, I reached for these.
These nails are very temporary. The back of the box cautions to avoid prolonged exposure to water. The nails come off by soaking them in warm water. There is no damage to the natural nails with this product. They are super easy to put on too.   Just make sure to push up from the bottom of the nail, to get it out of the try, holding the nail from the tip, so you don't touch the glue with your finger. They are super sticky.
 The box comes with 2 trays of stick on nails in various sizes.

 At the top of the trays are numbers. 
If you know your nail size, you can find the coordinating number in the tray.

Some of the nails have a rinestone in the center of the flower

I did have to file the thumb nails where the nail rests against the cuticles. 
My cuticles are this shape _____and the rounded nail end doesn't fit snug.

I really like these nails. The design is blue gradient with white floral nail art, with a rinestone in the center of some of the nails. The length is short so they are a comfortable length. 
I do recommend putting on make up first, and then the nails after washing your hands, because prolonged contact with water will loosen the sticky substance. They are on the pricier side of Kiss nails $8.99 for 24 nails. However, if you find them on a half price sale, or with coupons, the cost is not too bad.
I hoping that when they are removed, the sticky substance will dissolve so I'll be able to use them again with Kiss Self-Glue Mega-hold Stickers or be able to glue them on with nail glue.

Update: These lasted 2 days. I probably could have gone one more day but I had to wash my hair. Removal was very easy. I'm going to try to get the "glue" which is like that stuff that mailers use to stick one thing to another (like a soft bugger-hee!) but this stuff is more heavy duty. I'm going to try to use pure acetone on a q-tip to get the stuff off the back of the nails so I can reuse them with nail glue or mega-hold stickers.
Have you tried these stick-on nails? Did you like them? What has been your experience? Let me know in the comments below.


Roxanne said...

Hello! After reading your post I've tried some press-on nails by Broadway and really liked them. Can you please advise me on how many times I can use fake nails? I mean that after removing them can I use them again or acetone will destroy the fake nail?

Kay said...
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Kay said...

The acetone messed up the nails. Press-ons can only be worn once.

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