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Friday, May 13, 2011

I am soooooo excited!

I've been working on trying to come up with a Fairy Nail Art Design, ever since I saw a video on youtube.

By accident, I found a really good base nail polish for my blank glue on nails, so I can make french tip designs. I've tried all types of pinks but nothing look as close to natural nail bed for me. 

For the base coat I used Gray Suede by Revlon.  It only took one coat for light, full coverage.

Next, I got a make up sponge and cut it to bits for polish sponging on my nails.

I put some of the 85 Minted by Revlon on the nails from the top to about half way down the nails. I used one coat. Then I sponged 232 Goldmine by Wet-n-Wild over the Mint, leaving some of the Mint exposed at the bottom. Next up, 233 Rustic by Wet-n-Wild on just the tips of the nails.

Finally, I brushed 415 Gold Rush over the sponged colors. I didn't have time to allow each layer to fully dry before apply the next layer. When everything was tacky to dry, I brushed quick drying top coat over my nails.

And here's the results!

Here's what it looks like in natural light.

I'm so excited it came out so well!

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