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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Things In the Mail

way NailsThe day before my birthday, May 10, I entered the Broadway May Day Giveaway contest on facebook. When I logged into FB, I found out I won the contest for May 11--My birthday! I read that they use a 3rd party to draw the day's winner. Even though I put in my birthdate (or maybe I didn't for that day. I can't really remember) I was radomly chosen.
Today I got the package:
I'm very excited to use the lemon slice stickers for a summer design I'm considering.

There were 2 more boxes waiting for me.

For my birthday, my son and daughter gave me gift certificates for Amazon. I ordered Graphic 45 paper and stickers.

On the Boardwalk, Steampunk Debutante (yay! Finally!), and A Proper Gentleman (all 8x8) The stickers are adorable too! I've wanted their papers and products for a lonnnnnng time! Thanks kids!

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