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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scrapbook Blinged Out Sheet Music

My son is teaching himself to play the guitar. For his birthday, he asked for a binder of printed sheet music of one of his favorite guitar artists. He wanted me to use my scrapbooking to finesse the pages.  I was really happy to do this for him, and had really too much fun putting it together.

 If it was a song title, I generally put the graphics near the title. If it was the start of a new album, I put the album title on the bottom of the first page. As you can see in this last shot, the binder is a big one. I believe it's 4.5 inches thick.

I printed out something like 275 pages and each page is in a page protector.

 Silly, I know, but I was awfully proud of this one. ^ Just by printing out the 3 word instruction, I was able to save page protecting a page that had this line, and mostly blank underneath.

Some of the graphics fit the titles and some were just what I could come up with to symbolize something about the title.

These designs I'm most proud of. My daughter said I did a good job at layering. I found that because it was such a small area I was designing, it was really easy to get into it, and be creative.

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