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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hammered nails/steampunk inspired

This was my first attempt to sponge paint polish on glue-on nails. I tried to mimic a steampunk inspired look.

 Polishes I sponged:
  • 238 Nocturnal
  • 232 Goldmine
  • 233 Rustic
  • OPI Concerto in Copper
I cut up a couple of make up sponges, and poured out little portions of polish into an old ceramic skillet I no longer use for cooking.

I laid out the Nailene full cover short square nails I would use on this, my non-sticky-sticky-non-sticky

I used a Kiss Nail Art Stencil on one nail.  I sponged on the next color before the first polish was not fully dry. The next day, when all the polishes were dry, I coated each nail with clear top coat.

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