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Friday, April 15, 2011

Drugstore nail glue Pt1: Things I've learned along the way

Many boxes of glue on nails come with little tubes of pink nail glue. When I first started wearing glue on nails, the only ones I could find were the french tips. They look lovely in the box, but on my fingers, I've got air bubbles.  It wasn't until near the end of 2010 that I figured out I have flat nail beds. Most of the glue on nails are more arched, unless it states on the box for "flat nails." (On a whim, and a really good sale I purchased Nailene's flat nails. They changed my life! They fit like a glove on my fingertips and I had virtually no air bubbles.)

I went on a quest to find better glue that would eliminate the air bubbles under the nails.

I thought I found the solution when I discovered brush on glue. Not only was it easier to use, (I didn't glue my fingers together) but it really helped to reduce the appearance of air bubbles. 

But there is always a gray lining, isn't there? And literally, gray clouds wrecked my  nail glue ideal.

More on that later.

My favorite tube glue is the pink gel glue that comes in Kiss Everlasting French Salon UV Gel Effect nail kit. It seemed to eliminate the air bubbles the most. After that, I like the nail glue that comes in the packages of nail blanks, those glue on nails that can be polished. That glue is longest lasting stuff.

When I want to wear nails for one day, I'll use the sticky tabs. They don't hold up in water but are great if I want to reuse the nails another time, because they peel off my fingernails and off the nails without damaging them.  Then when I want to wear a set of nails for 2-3 days, I'll use the brush-on glue. But I suggest gentle use of the hands with brush-on glue.  Nails can get knocked off very easily.

If I want to wear nails for a full week, that I've polished, I'll go with Kiss or Nailene's maximum strength nail glue that comes in a bottle with a red cap.

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