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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Finds at Big Lots

It's been awhile since I've been to Big Lots. Here's some things I found...

 I bought this thinking I can use the stars in nail art. If it doesn't work I'll just use it in scrapbooking.

 Fing'rs Flirt Nail Art Pens ($2/ea), LA Colors ($1), Revlon Minis ($2), Sula Paint & Peel ($2.50)

Fing'rs Flirt Nail Art Pens: Caution (yellow), Dare (violet), Sula Paint & Peel Teal, LA Colors Black Velvet, Revlon Minis: Pink Ice, Winter Mist, Cherries in the Snow

 25 piece paint brush set $4

These are the ones I'm going to use to practice nail art. If I can't make a go if it, I'm not out much cash.

I'm looking forward to swatching the Revlon minis, the Paint & Peel, and seeing how well the nail art pens work.

Have you tried any of these polishes?


thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Dang,girl! What a haul,and such a bargain too!

Olivia C. said...

Wow! I can't believe you got that Sula polish for $2.50!!!! That's a big deal because normally they're $9. Awesome! :)

Kay said...

Thalie-I just never know what I'm going to find there!

Olivia-They only had that Teal or Black in the Sula Paint & Peel. I had no idea it's usually $9!

Thanks for stopping by ladies! :D

GothamPolish said...

Oh how I wish there was a Big Lots in NYC! We have something called Lot Less but they don't have glitter!!!

Anastacia Park said...

awe! wow! nice haul!

Kay said...

GothamPolish-I haven't heard of Lot Less is it a close-out shop? Big Lots gets in things that are on their way out. So I never know what will be there. I've learned to grab it then because if I go back weeks later, it's not going to be there.

Anastacia Park-Thanks! This was a good shopping trip. :D

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